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The return of eBay Newsletters

eBay has brought back the newsletter marketing facility. This was a popular way to keep in touch with anyone who signed up for it, and initially it was possible to customise the templates with your own branding and colours. Gradually that functionality was eroded until eventually it was impossible to send any emails through the platform direct to buyers as a marketing strategy.

Thankfully this option has now been reinstated, albeit with basic options to adapt. There are two options, Welcome to my shop, which goes out to subscribers just once when they first sign up, and the Item Showcase Template which is sent out subsequently on a recurring basis and basically just prompts buyers to visit.

With the Welcome newsletter you can have your logo and name, plus a customised subject line and “About Us” section which can also be changed to introduce your business and hopefully persuade buyers to open any further emails from your business.

For the Item showcase template, there is again space an ability to customise the wording, and also the option to send the email out every week/biweekly/monthly.

This is a very simple and effective way to keep in touch with buyers, and can be combined with the Coded coupons described recently to encourage repeat purchases.

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