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“My biggest fear was hiring someone who claimed they could help but wouldn’t actually add much value. Having sold successfully on Amazon, I thought it would be quite easy to get started on eBay… this was not the case.
So I came across Laura and she really upped our eBay game from imagery, wording and even the way we were listing.
We saw our sales spike instantly.”

Gurminder Singh Dhillon, MD at Boot Buddy
Boot Buddy was backed by three Dragons on Dragon’s Den

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Analysis and Audit Reports

Often we start by analysing your eBay account to see what’s working and where improvements can be made. There are three levels of the report, Budget, Standard and Premium.

Analyse your eBay store and search ranking

eBay SEO and Optimisation

Optimisation is not just about titles – we will also check and improve other areas of your account such as Item Specifics and the shop infrastructure, to make sure your entire account is performing as efficiently as possible.

This optimisation process, once complete, will result in improved search results and increased sales.

Improve your eBay Search Ranking and SEO

Other eBay Services:

eBay Training

We can answer your specific questions and help you learn more about eBay to maximise profits.

eBay Selling Template

We have developed a simple, affordable template that fully satisfies eBay requirements and is customisable to showcase your images, colours and logo and text.

Start an eBay shop

We can open a shop for you, create listings and provide a customised template so you can get off to the best start on eBay.

eBay Selling Template

Managed eBay Accounts – Monthly Subscription

For eBay business sellers, there are many metrics and system changes to be monitored in order to both stay on the right side of eBay and maximise selling opportunities.

Our monthly managed service will keep you out of trouble and ahead of the game on eBay. There are two levels of subscription, Standard and Premium.

Seller eBay manage service to increase sales

Website Usability Review

If you have spent a long time and much discussion creating your website, it becomes extremely difficult to see it from your users’ point of view – you are simply too close.

A fresh pair of eyes is required to check it out and report back, commenting on any areas where improvements can be made.


increase eBay search with improving your website presence

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Clients

“Laura and Selling online support have been a fantastic resource for our business.

Since engaging the company, they have successfully tripled our monthly revenue from eBay.

Laura’s inner knowledge of eBay and how it works, coupled with her keen business acumen and adroit advice have made her the perfect partner for us.”

– Tom Wood Trading on eBay as Gowns N-Hoods

“Laura has been brilliant and is a Gem to work with. Excellent Comms and I will definitely be using her knowledge and expertise going forward.

Our sales continue to grow at a steady pace and we dominate the search results so we are very pleased!”


– Peter Hatter, Black Rock Grill Cooking (UK, Europe, Australia and USA)

“Laura has provided excellent work for us – we already had high growth but couldn’t understand why our competitors were above us in the search results.

We weren’t sure we needed an expert but Laura doubled our sales in the first two months and we trust her to manage all our eBay dealings now.”


– Alan Thistlethwaite, Electric Bike Conversions

We successfully increased the sales of these eBay sellers.

Click below to see our clients' websites and eBay stores. Any sellers here can be contacted for a reference.

High quality Marine Collagen from wild caught fish – ideal for skin and joint care
The market leader in consumer and B2B Mobile Phone and electronic spare parts
 Bespoke Plylining Kits, Roof Racks, Van Racking and Shelving for Commercial Vans
Graduation Gowns, Choir Robes & Accessories for Adults & Children – Individual & Sets
A range of roofing and building solutions to tradesmen, stockists, and consumers
Affordable Watch Straps Designed With You In Mind. Fashionable but amazing prices
Affordable, high-quality Wooden sheds and Concrete garages from leading manufacturers
Thousands of famous works of arts printed just for you – Vintage, Modern, Popular
Luxury Vintage & Modern Designer Watches – Rolex, Omega, Moser, Cartier, Breitling
We care for the clothes you love – Hangers, Garment Bags, Travel & Laundry Storage
Protect your Garden, Crops and Buildings with our Strong Knotted Anti-Bird Netting
Canned Oxygen for Recreational and Sports Therapy, also Oxygen Masks & Accessories

Let us focus on eBay and selling online, so you can focus on your business

We're eBay expert advice, online selling consultancy and account management specialists.

As eBay UK experts with a wealth of real life, practical business experience, both in selling on eBay and other online platforms – we know how to help your business grow.

Our team provides online selling support for eBay – from SEO to Optimisation to latest developments – and pass on the results to you, giving you a competitive advantage. we also work with Amazon and Etsy businesses and also manage accounts on a monthly basis.


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