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Product Identifiers On eBay – Get Ready!

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eBay Barcodes – Did you know this?

On February 29th eBay will start to end some GTC listings that reach their 30 day renewal date. Why? It’s because they won’t have either a product identifier or “Does not apply” chosen in the relevant fields of their listings. (Some categories exempt, check if yours are here: Click here)

eBay have been highlighting this change for months now, and since January 2016 it’s not been possible to either create or revise listings which are missing these Product Identifiers, but more importantly is the change which will start after February 29th – if your GTC listings end, so does all your sales history so it’s an important issue.

To make things a bit trickier, any Multi Variation Listings will have to be changed manually – it can’t be done in the Bulk Editing tool.

So if this is unwelcome news, don’t delay – check your listings now!
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