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Online merchants need to step up their game

Online retailers are missing out on easy sales because of poor buying experiences experienced by potential buyers.

That’s according to research carried out on 1,213 UK adults by agency MarketingSignals, which found that 61 percent of those polled were put off purchasing from a website by insufficient or poor product imagery, followed by 57 percent that found product descriptions inadequate.

Other areas of concern included a complicated checkout process, lack of delivery options and distracting or intrusive pop ups.

One of the reasons that platforms such as Amazon and eBay are so popular is that they are extremely easy to use, and reward sellers who provide a simple, streamlined buying process.

The platforms don’t allow popups and have strict image rules because of research such as this. One of the problems associated with having your own website is that it becomes so familiar that it’s very difficult to experience buying as a new visitor.

For this reason, and because we have a great deal of experience in what a good eCommerce requires, Selling Online support provides a website usability review, which details areas that work and those that need improvement.

This normally costs £150 but we are offering it for a limited time at £125 – please contact us to arrange. The top ten reasons that deter customers from making an e-commerce purchase:  

Reason Percentage who were put off buying
Insufficient or poor quality product imagery 61%
Inadequate product descriptions 57%
Lack of customer service 52%
Distracting/Intrusive pop ups 47%
Over complicated check-out process 43%
Little or no social media presence 41%
Lack of delivery options 34%
Desktop-only site design 27%
Insufficient or lack of company information 16%
Not accepting alternative payment methods including PayPal and Apple Pay 11%

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