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Marketplace Metrics in the UK – Tracking rankings

Tamebay has come up with some interesting research about the main marketplaces in the UK.
Using data mined through Alexa and SimilarWeb and sponsored by OnBuy, the rankings look at such figures as overall traffic, unique users, pages visited and bounce rates.
The research examined 7 different platforms:

Amazon UK
eBay UK
Gumtree (owned by eBay)
Some of the data holds no surprises – Amazon for instance has the biggest presence with a mind boggling 1.15 Billion visits in the quarter August – October 2019.
eBay, as well as Gumtree, Fruugo and flubit have seen quite significant declines, whereas unsurprisingly notonthehighstreet and Yumbles have seen sharp increases – as specialist gift sites this is to be expected in the run up to Christmas.
OnBuy has increased visits quite significantly, with over 2 million visits in the quarter. However, the number of pages visited is low, at just over 3%, and the bounce rate is 70%, showing OnBuy has a long way to go before it makes good sales for sellers.
Another set of figures confirm the perception that amazon is viewed as a site where buyers dip in, find their item and leave, whereas eBay has more browsers. This is reflected in the Ranking figures, which show that buyers visit 10 pages on eBay rather than 8 on Amazon, their visit is longer at 10 minutes rather than 6, and their bounce rate is the lowest of all the marketplaces featured, showing that visitors like the site.

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