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Latest News and Comments about eBay and eCommerce – Part 2

Seller Protection enhancements
According to eBay, Sellers will see increased protection from abusive buyers with clearer options for reporting them. Arbitrage sellers who buy from Amazon or sites, significantly increase prices and get increased visibility by overweighting Promoted Listings will see their listings pushed down search results as eBay views this practice as increasingly undesirable.
Selling enhancements
Starting in the summer of 2019, there will be new unique order numbers. These numbers will be unique to the order, the seller, the eBay site AND all eBay sites globally. This will enable sellers and eBay to support buyers as well as make it easier for sellers to identify orders with eBay support. The old order numbers will still be supported but the new ones will be unique for a minimum of seven years.
There is a new way to relist items after a return or cancellation. eBay has also repeated their intention to clamp down on item location abuse, and starting in June they will cancelling any Good ‘Til Cancelled listings that break the policy.
Specifics and Item Condition
Building on the mandatory Item Specifics required last year, eBay has increased the number of categories where key fields need to be completed. This is logical, as many buyers in the Clothing and Home and Garden sections use attributes such as colour and size to narrow down their search results. Listings that don’t comply will not be ended, but you won’t be able to revise them until the fields are completed.There is also a change to the Item Condition ‘New – Other’ which will change to ‘Opened – never used’ so you may need to amend some listings if they don’t meet the new definition.
Good ‘Til Cancelled Listings fees
There have been no changes to fees in this announcement, but eBay has clarified that Good Til Cancelled listings will in future only be charged once per calendar month and not every 30 days.
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