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How do you claim back fees on a false SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) claim?

eBay has started with the auto accept returns system, and this should on the whole be a good move – currently a buyer may wait up to 8 days for a seller to even accept the return, which is a long time indeed in the cyber world.

Good sellers are already responding faster than that and delivering a great customer service, and this is another part of eBay’s quest to clamp down on bad sellers.

As eBay says:

“As we recently announced, we’re making further improvements to the returns experience on eBay. Today a large number of returns may require the buyer to wait multiple days before they can access a return label. This drives buyer anxiety, churn and an increased likelihood of the buyer asking eBay to step in to help. As a result, we’ll be increasing the frequency in which the buyer will have immediate access to a label on domestic returns, regardless of why they want to return the item. This means that when a buyer opens an ‘Item not as described’ return request, it will be automatically accepted, if it’s within the seller’s offered return window. We’ll be rolling out these changes over the course of this year, starting in September 17th, and will listen to your feedback as we ramp up this new functionality.”More information here:

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