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eBay Image Search

Announced in July is the latest big change to search in eBay – the facility to find items through images. This option will be available in the Autumn, although no set launch date has been announced.

This will be used in mainly two ways: 1) buyers can photo an item or capture it in a screenshot and eBay’s “Image Search” will search out the closest matches it can (similar to Google’s Image search) or 2) if buyers are on Pinterest or other web pages, they can enter the URL into eBay’s “Find it on eBay” and again come up with the closest match.


However, Beta tests suggest another way, which is to show a stock image and when the buyer hovers over, for instance a dress worn by one of the people in the photo, eBay will match that dress with what it can find in the database. This is very similar to House of Frazer’s interactive catalogue – and is quite an exciting development.


ADVICE: make sure that all images have a Gallery photo of just the item against a white background, with no added borders or text.


For more information see here:

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