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eBay helps sellers see the benefits of the new payments system, Adyen

eBay launched a voluntary “Managed Payments” option in a Beta version for sellers in the US a few months ago. They have now provided an online calculator so that sellers can see for themselves how much the Managed Payments system will impact on their fees. For many sellers (especially smaller ones) the new system will mean savings in terms of fees, but for larger sellers, including those who currently integrate their eBay PayPal account with a website PayPal account and therefore benefit from lower percentages, there may not be any savings and in fact fees may go up significantly.

It’s not clear whether or not eBay will match the much lower rates that PayPal makes available to volume sellers (lower rates are available for PayPal accounts which have at least £1500 per month going through) but this does seem to be the biggest issue to sellers at the moment.

eBay does not say that sellers would be better off with PayPal, so it’s a very one sided calculator, but to see for yourself how it looks click here:

eBay has stated that their rate will be 2.7% and have hinted that there will not be a per transaction fee (PayPal per transaction fee is 20p). The standard PayPal rate is 3.4%

More information here:

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