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eBay Defects Policy 2016


What’s new for eBay in 2016? Some things we can sure of, such as the long awaited change to defects. From February 20th 2016, the whole system will be simplified.
Neutral or Negative Feedback will no longer count as a defect (yes really!) and neither will the horribly complicated Detailed Star Ratings.
Instead sellers will get a defect fro only one of two reasons – if they cancel a sale (for being out of stock or similar) or if eBay has to step in and resolve a problem on behalf of a buyer.
Either of those reasons seem fine to me – it’s very frustrating to finally find the one thing you want only to be messaged two days later that the sale has been cancelled.
So the message here is actually the same as it always was – look after your buyers with superb Customer Service, and resolve issues immediately.
The other big change is Delivery metrics – but more on that next time.

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