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Coronavirus Update – Help for businesses

In these troubling times I wanted to to give an update on the Coronavirus support for businesses and to reassure you that as almost all of our work here at SOS is remote, we do not expect to be significantly impacted and therefore will be available to help you as normal.

It’s impossible to predict how the situation will develop but it’s sensible to be considering contingency plans – how employees may be able to work from home for instance, and reviewing stock levels and supply chains.

Most courier firms have plans which include remote deliveries, with parcels not physically signed for by recipients. Royal Mail has announced they will start doing this :

eBay and Amazon have released a general Coronavirus update which is much the same on both platforms:

Some other information which may be helpful include:

The government has created this page which has an overview of the virus and possible implications for businesses:

A grant for up to £25,000 for those qualifying businesses with premises has been announced, although it’s not yet clear how to access the grant:

In the Budget last week, a package of support was announced to help businesses. Rules on Sick Pay have been changed, and a new Interruption Loan Fund will be set up:

The FSB has a useful overview on the Coronavirus pandemic, including a free downloadable poster on thorough handwashing techniques:

For supply chain considerations, two useful sites are:   


And finally, although for the vast majority of people who fall ill the physical effects will be minor, for some people with anxiety their mental health may be a major concern. The mental health charity, MIND has issued some guidance about this, both for people with anxiety and others who become anxious about aspects such as self-isolating for long periods:

We hope to provide a further Coronavirus update next month.

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